06/25/14; 02:31:12 PM

A few small improvements and fixes in Happy Friends v0.41.

  1. You can add individual tweets using a new command in the Friends menu. This is useful if you want to use Happy Friends to organize a discussion that took place before Happy Friends existed.

  2. We cache the Twitter renderings to conserve traffic to and from the server.

  3. We used to leave around Twitter renderings as you move the outline cursor, if we didn't have something to replace it with. Now we're more strict. If you're pointing at headline that is not a tweet, the Twitter rendering in the right margin should be blank.

  4. The Arrow Pad from Fargo is now part of the UI of Happy Friends. You can activate it with a command in the Outliner menu. It's helpful when using HF on a computer without a keyboard, for example a tablet or phone. Screen shot.

  5. There's a video demo of Happy Friends on YouTube.

General note: If you want to see what the version number is, it's in the About command in the Twitter menu at the right edge of the menu bar. Screen shot.

06/25/14; 01:52:29 PM

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By Dave Winer, Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 1:52 PM.