Happy Friends v0.46

In the rush to ship Little Card Editor and thesaurus.land some problems were surfacing in Happy Friends. I finally got a chance in the last couple of days to dig in and figure out what's happening and make some fixes.

  1. It wasn't handling rate-limit errors well. And that would cause false positives, headlines that would go bold when there were no changes.

  2. If you had two copies of the app open in different tabs, it would be possible for one to update and the other to pick up on the change and wipe out the outline. Now it no longer has the capacity to do this, and even better the copy of the app running in the non-active tab will stop updating until you show up again. However, for now -- the best thing to do is to be sure always that there's only one copy of Happy Friends open in any single browser, on any single machine.

  3. I tuned up the way columns display, so that there's more fluidity. The tweet preview should not overwrite the outline. And the outline should get smaller if you decrease the width of the window. As a result it also works better on tablets such as the iPad.

  4. If you're saving a public copy of your outline you'd quickly hit your rate limit if you were making lots of changes to the outline. Now this won't happen because we cache information that Twitter provides us, on the server.

  5. There's a new Unbold All command in the Friends menu if you want to check all your friends again. It helped preserve my sanity while testing, and it may help you too. (Can't hurt.)

  6. There's a new Rate-limit indicator below the attributes display. It shows when we're getting rate-limit errors from Twitter. It's important for you to know this, because parts of the app are non-responsive when you're at the rate-limit. I also write a user-level backgrounder on rate-limits. When you're getting rate-limit errors there are remedies, which are explained in the backgrounder.


The new release works a lot better than the previous release. Sorry you had to put up with all those problems. I hope to do better with this product in the future. I love it as much as the others. It's a little more difficult but it's also quite useful.

Last built: Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 9:32 AM

By Dave Winer, Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 8:26 AM. Shut up and eat your vegetables.